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Places To Eat In Gatlinburg Near Hollywood Star Cars Museum

By Sara Branson, Posted on 20 Nov, 2023 at 10:47 pm

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Places To Eat In Gatlinburg Near  Hollywood Star Cars Museum

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, nestled in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, is a popular tourist destination known for its natural beauty and attractions. One such attraction is the Hollywood Star Cars Museum Gatlinburg, which showcases iconic vehicles from the silver screen. After a day of exploring the museum and taking in the cinematic history, you're bound to work up an appetite. Fortunately, Gatlinburg offers a diverse range of dining options, each with its unique flair. In this guide, we'll take you on a gastronomic journey, exploring the culinary delights near the Hollywood Star Cars Museum, complete with specialty menus.


  1. The Corner Diner

The Corner Diner is a delightful eatery located just a short walk from the Hollywood Star Cars Museum. What sets this diner apart is its nostalgic ambiance, reminiscent of a classic American diner from the 1950s. The checkered floor, vinyl booths, and vintage decor transport you back in time, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate a touch of retro charm.

The menu at The Corner Diner features classic American comfort food. One of the standout items is The Corner Diner Burger. This mouthwatering burger is handcrafted and cooked to perfection, served with all your favorite toppings. The generous portion of fries that accompanies it is a perfect side.

If you're looking for something with a Southern touch, try their Country Fried Steak. This is a classic Southern dish with a crispy, golden-brown coating and a rich, savory gravy. It's served with mashed potatoes and a side of vegetables.

One of the most popular reasons people visit The Corner Diner is for their homemade pies. You can choose from a variety of freshly baked pies, which vary by the day. The homemade pies, often featuring flavors like apple, pecan, and cherry, provide the perfect sweet ending to your meal.


  1. Cherokee Grill

Cherokee Grill is a picturesque restaurant located in downtown Gatlinburg, offering a combination of rustic elegance and Southern hospitality. The interior decor, featuring wood and stone elements, reflects the natural beauty of the Smoky Mountains.

The menu at Cherokee Grill is an exploration of Southern cuisine with a modern twist. A must-try dish is the Prime Rib. This slow-roasted, tender prime rib is served with all the traditional accompaniments, including creamy horseradish sauce and au jus. 

If you're a fan of seafood, the Rainbow Trout Almondine is another specialty worth considering. This dish features freshly caught trout, lightly pan-fried to achieve a crispy outer layer, and then topped with a delightful blend of brown butter and toasted almonds. 

For a lighter option with a burst of flavors, consider the Cherokee Grill Salad. This refreshing salad combines mixed greens, candied pecans, and Gorgonzola cheese, all dressed in zesty raspberry vinaigrette. 


  1. Starbucks

When you're in need of a quick caffeine fix or a light snack, Starbucks offers a convenient option in Gatlinburg. Located not far from the museum, this well-known coffee chain is a reliable choice for those who need to recharge or enjoy a simple meal.

Starbucks offers a wide range of coffee and beverage options to suit various tastes. If you're a fan of espresso, the Caramel Macchiato is a classic choice. For a light yet filling breakfast or snack, the Spinach, Feta & Cage-Free Egg White Wrap is a nutritious choice. It contains egg whites, spinach, and feta cheese, all wrapped in a whole-grain tortilla. 

Depending on the time of year, you can enjoy special offerings like the Pumpkin Bread in the fall or a delicious Chocolate Croissant to satisfy your sweet cravings.


  1. Mellow Mushroom Gatlinburg

Mellow Mushroom is a pizza paradise conveniently located near the Hollywood Star Cars Museum. The true specialty at Mellow Mushroom is its pizzas, known for their creative combinations and unique flavors. One of the standout selections is The Holy Shiitake Pie. This is a vegetarian's dream with shiitake, button, and portobello mushrooms, caramelized onions, mozzarella cheese, and a garlic aioli swirl. 

Another favorite is the Kosmic Karma Pizza. This pie features Mellow Mushroom's signature red sauce, mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh spinach, and crumbled feta cheese. 

To start your meal on the right note, you can't go wrong with their Pretzel Bites. These soft, warm pretzel bites are served with your choice of a red sauce or garlic butter, making them a delightful appetizer or snack.


  1. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is a themed restaurant that offers a memorable dining experience inspired by the movie Forrest Gump. The specialty menu at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is, as you might guess, focused on shrimp and seafood. One of the must-try items is the Run Across America Sampler. This delectable platter offers a variety of seafood, including shrimp, calamari, hush puppies, and Mama Blue's Fried Shrimp. It's perfect for sharing and allows you to sample several flavors.

If you're a fan of Forrest Gump, you'll appreciate the Shrimp & Dippin' Broth. This dish features a mix of shrimp, andouille sausage, and fresh corn, all served with jasmine rice and a dipping broth. 

For dessert, indulge in the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae. This sweet treat features a warm chocolate chip cookie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with rich chocolate sauce.


  1. Dick's Last Resort Gatlinburg TN

Dick's Last Resort is a restaurant known for its unique and humorous dining concept. When you step into Dick's, you're in for a quirky and entertaining experience. The specialty menu at Dick's is as fun as the atmosphere. Try the Whacked Weiners, a playful dish that features hot dogs topped with chili, cheese, and onions. 

For something hearty, consider The Big Honkin' Fish Sandwich. This generously portioned sandwich features a sizable fish fillet served on a hoagie roll with tartar sauce. 

Don't leave without trying Dick's Famous Crabby Balls. These delectable crab balls are served with remoulade sauce. They make for a flavorful and shareable appetizer that combines rich flavors and a touch of humor.


  1. Five Guys

Five Guys is a popular fast-casual burger joint located just a short walk from the Hollywood Star Cars Museum. The specialty menu at Five Guys allows for plenty of customization. Start with their Five Guys Cheeseburger, a classic choice that's customizable to your heart's content. You can select your preferred toppings, which include options like lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mushrooms, and various condiments.

A side of Cajun Fries is a popular choice for those looking for an extra kick. Finish your meal with a classic milkshake. Five Guys offers a selection of milkshake flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. These shakes are made with handspun, real ice cream, resulting in a creamy and indulgent treat.


  1. The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot offers an upscale dining experience with a focus on interactive fondue. One of the specialties at The Melting Pot is the Classic Alpine Swiss Cheese Fondue. This savory fondue features a blend of Swiss cheese, white wine, garlic, and nutmeg. It's served with artisan bread and seasonal vegetables for dipping. 

The Land & Sea Entrée is another highlight. This entrée is a combination of filet mignon, shrimp, and teriyaki-marinated sirloin. You get to cook these high-quality meats right at your table in a broth or oil fondue pot, allowing you to customize the cooking to your preference.

For dessert, the Flaming Turtle Chocolate Fondue is a showstopper. This decadent fondue features milk chocolate, caramel, and candied pecans. It's flambéed tableside, creating a spectacle that adds to the excitement of the dining experience.


  1. Crawdaddy's Gatlinburg Restaurant & Oyster Bar

Crawdaddy's Gatlinburg is your gateway to Cajun and seafood delights in Gatlinburg. Live music often enhances the dining experience, making it a great place to unwind and enjoy the vibrant ambiance.

A specialty item that showcases the essence of Cajun cuisine is the Gulf Coast Boil. This feast of Gulf shrimp, snow crab legs, potatoes, corn, and Andouille sausage is seasoned to perfection. 

Oyster enthusiasts will appreciate the Oysters on the Half Shell. These freshly shucked oysters are served with cocktail sauce and lemon, allowing the natural flavors of the oysters to shine through. 

For a taste of classic Cajun fare, order the Crawfish Étouffée. This iconic dish features crawfish smothered in a rich, spicy roux and is traditionally served over rice. It's a dish that embodies the bold and hearty flavors of Louisiana cuisine.


  1. Smith & Son Corner Kitchen

For a farm-to-table dining experience in Gatlinburg, Smith & Son Corner Kitchen is the place to be. The Smoky Mountain Trout is a standout dish that captures the essence of the region. This pan-seared trout fillet is served with garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. The dish showcases the rich, natural flavors of the Smoky Mountains and provides a delicious taste of the local cuisine.

The Gouda Mac & Cheese is another menu item that's worth trying. This creamy mac and cheese is made with local Gouda cheese and topped with breadcrumbs, creating a comforting and indulgent side dish.

One of the delights of dining at Smith & Son is their seasonal desserts. These desserts change with the seasons and highlight the best ingredients available. 

In a nutshell, after a day of exploring the Hollywood Star Cars Museum Gatlinburg, you have a multitude of dining options at your fingertips, each offering its unique ambiance and culinary specialties. Whether you're in the mood for a nostalgic diner experience, elegant Southern cuisine, creative pizza, themed dining, or interactive fondue, Gatlinburg's culinary scene near the museum has something for everyone.

Each of these dining establishments has its own unique charm and specialties, ensuring that your dining experience in Gatlinburg is as memorable as your visit to the museum itself. So, after you've had your fill of movie history, venture out and discover the gastronomic treasures awaiting you in Gatlinburg. Enjoy your culinary journey in this scenic mountain town!

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